O Jewellery is on sale at the Benaki Museum (Athens, Piraeus building),Rebecca Camhi Gallery (Athens) and Waikiki concept store (Andros Island, Greece); it has been presented at Vamiali's Gallery (Athens), Melas-Papadopoulos Gallery (Athens), Occhi Concept Store (Athens), Daxtilithra Shop (Aegina Island, Greece), MOFU vintage & contemporary design (Athens), Yiorgos Eleftheriades Space (Kolonaki, Athens) and Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (Athens & Thessaloniki, Greece) as well as Galerie Salon, Ofr bookstore/gallery and Yume Store/By Sophie in Paris.

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* the quote on the homepage is by Virginia Woolf ("The Waves") and the animation features the drawings, collages and photos by Emmanuelle Mafille.