Vassili Balatsos was born in Larissa, Greece, in 1966. He graduated from the School of Art and Research in the Villa Arson (Nice, France) in 1990 and, from 1996 to 2004 he co-directed the gallery Unlimited Contemporary Art in Athens, where he lives and works.

The works on view in the first solo exhibition of Vassili Balatsos in Athens are based on the "landscape", a category of the fine arts reflecting the conception of the human dimension with regards to nature or his own creativity.

The Independent Landscapes are wall-drawings of buildings made with adhesive tapes. Their perspective open a virtual space, hence the ephemeral construction denies monumentality. The Logical Landscapes, the second unity of works, consists of sculptures, representing geological sections of the earth. The materials used contradict the idea of the original  representation, morever the absence of natural size and the infinite colour variations lead an object of knowledge to illusion.

Inscribing modernism (with references to Malevitch, Mondrian, Duchamp…) the work of Vassili Balatsos is based on painting, evacuating (momentarily…) the canvas board. I wanted to get away from the physical aspect of painting said Duchamp, I was interested in ideas- not merely in visual products. The economy of means strengthens the resistance to the stereotyped image and enhance an interpretation of the reality more than its disinterested acceptance.


Vassili Balatsos is represented by The Apartment gallery, Athens & Galerie Vivo Equidem, Paris