24.04 - 01.06.2002

Unlimited Contemporary Art is very pleased to present the second solo exhibition of Uri Tzaig in Athens; the Israeli artist will show 2 new video works, both of them shown for the first time:

FIN, FIN - a new short movie he made for the Israel TV - 5 min loop - filmed in a hotel at the Dead Sea.
King Kong - a 3 min deconstructed version of the classic movie "King Kong". It is a chapter of a longer movie on which the artist is working right now.

They are both divided into equal sequences of 30 sec each, keeping the same rhythm. Unlike Tempo (1998)*, which is also based on equal length "pictures", edited in an arbitrary order, those new works are referring to one space/event only- in a deconstructive way.

In addition, Uri Tzaig will present B/W, a reactualized video installation.

Finally, Twins Fountain, a photographic work based on a performance during his solo exhibition at the FRAC Reims (France) in 2000 and a serie of 4 prints from the video Allah Akbar (2001).

Well known internationally since the 1997 Venice Biennale and Documenta X, Uri Tzaig creates conceptual, poetic and meditative work that focuses on sports, spectatorship, dance, language and games, using several medias including video, performance, writing and prints.

Directed towards our often passive acceptance of social, political and economic moves, Tzaig's artworks subvert prescribed rules and traditions from the law of the universe to social conventions, invite us to re-experience space and time.


Simultaneously, Uri Tzaig will present the videos Allah Akbar, Crystal and B/W as well as Twins Fountain at Art: Concept. The parisian gallery invited the artist to celebrate the 5 years of the Rue Louise Weiss. This is his first solo exhibition in Paris.


*Tempo-10mns, produced and edited  during Tzaig's stay in Athens in 1998 (an autonomous part of his film Tempo-60 mns)  will be presented at the Sandretto Foundation, Guarene (Italy) in the exhibition Self/ In material Conscience (works from the FRAC PACA Collection, Marseille, France) in April 2002.