30.9.99 -30.10.99


(6th International Month of photography, Athens)

Roman Signer
was born in 1938 in Appenzell (Switzerland); he lives and works in St Gallen, Switzerland.

Roman Signer's exhibition at Unlimited Contemporary Art is his first presentation in Greece.

He will present "Trace" (1980) a serie of 5 film stills from the super-8films made between 1975 and 1989 as well as "Zelt Zuoz" (1996), a serie of 8 cibachromes.

A video-documentary will accompany the works, presenting the setting of the swiss pavillon, the sculptures and actions ("Cabin" 1999, "Bicycle" 1982-99, "Fontana di Piaggio" 1995, "Simultaneous" 1999, "Blue barrel" 1999) and the serie of videos ("red ball", "helicopter on board", "barrel with camera", volcano", "ice and lamp", "sand", "bricks") from the Venice Biennale 1999.

Since the seventies, Roman Signer concieves events (actions) during which some ordinary objects (umbrella, table, ball...) are confronted to natural elements (water, wind, snow, sand...) and subject to forces (tension, compression, explosion...).

He uses photographs and super-8 films to record the moment preceding the action as well as its development, in order to "fix" his ephemeral sculptures. This technics form an autonomous part of his oeuvre.

Signer's work is centered on time and space: he structures time, divides it in fragments through different states of movement ("temporal sculptur") and uncovers to the viewer the empty spaces surrounding bodies and masses.

Without spectacular, Signer establishs a kind of  "cycle" which refers to our mere physical reality, questionning the idea of knowledge and progress.