VIDEOS , 2001

20.11 - 22.12.2001

With videos and video installations, mixing animations, collages, borrowed elements, the artists deal with the various states of alienation according to contemporary stereotypes.

They exacerbate the process of the medias (music videos, advertising): short timing, chromatic saturation, accelerations, superpositions & associations… and its emotionnal force on the viewer to assert the identity, the behaviour as the central element of their work. Not only of the person but of the artist himself: Vounatsou and Dexis are the protagonists in their videos, involving and engaging their whole being (connexions man-woman, relations to everyday and urban environment, history, political statements or simply expectations and dreams).

All the works are digitally elaborated, creating an abstract surrounding structure, a deshumanized and artificial environment. In this frame, appears a narrative logic: fragmented moments, superposed layouts or simultaneous scenes stretch or crystallise time.

Vounatsou & Dexis' work reflects a contemporary sensibility, at the opposite of a kind of "disenchantment", rather, a quest for alternative utopias. Through these playfull  manipulations, it's an entire system of perception that is perverted.

Their first solo show will include a selection of 4 recent videos: Blue, Wir?, Spuk 2000 and Touch me babe…