03.10 - 16.11.2002

Eran Schaerf's interventions are based on poetic experiments where there is no beginning and no end, there are, moreover, references, similarities and correspondences. He creates visual and verbal compositions in which some objects and materials prevail: fabrics, curtains, threads, paper, printed materials, video and sound, that reappear in different combinations and states of materialization.

The artist uses the correspondence between objects and language in all its manifestations, from the spoken word and advertising to litterature; he combines materials, forms and words, that, in their very juxtaposition and association, reveal the process of constructing alternative meanings.

This moment of change - the artist's choice of words and media and their aesthetic displacement from one cultural sphere to another- is at the heart of Schaerf's investigations, based on the mobility of senses and the shifting formation of identity.

His work is developping in this intervals, the simple arrangements or constellations function as moments, spaces of transition.

For his first exhibition in Greece, Eran Schaerf will present an ensemble of works, specially adapted to the gallery space: Bouquet (2002), Voile (2002), Record: I love you (1999, video 8', in collaboration with philosopher Eva Meyer), More or Less - You are My Life - (2002, sound piece) as well as: Paradise 106 (2002), wall installation in the showroom.