Over ~

 5/4 - 26/5/2001

With the group show Over~, Unlimited Contemporary Art celebrates the 5 years of the gallery and the opening of the second floor as show room.

Over~ focuses on painting and concludes a triptych of exhibitions, Beauty and the Beast/ sculpture (1997) and XxYxZ…The end of the line/ drawing (1998).

The evocative title refers to the gallery space and programmation since 5 years as well as to the quality of painting itself, something that covers in order to represent but also exists as a complete and autonomous object directly connected to the space and the viewer.

The works are related to interior and domestic elements with innovatives and generous practices:

Pae White's Mobiles are essentially flat planes vitalized by their suspension in light and space. The fluid and delicate shapes, the subtle colored pieces of foil or paper linked with thread and hanged from the ceiling are liberated from the two-dimensional page and float in etheral space, reacting to visitor's movements. White's Mobiles, with sentimental allusions or social interactions contained in the installation's titles, become (as the books and catalogues she designs) a narrative surface, and twist our preconceptions of time, space, identity and function in which they exist.

Kay Rosen's Paintings explore the language as abstract system of signs and symbols.The interest of the work lies here, where the absence, presence, rearrangment or alteration of words and short phrases, reveals patterns and systems which exceed and outperform their expected function. The optical precision is based on a reductive, austere aesthetic of calculated, deceptive simplicity. Rosen's minimalist paintings may appear initially to negate the painterly process but are in fact a celebration of the practice of painting in its most traditional sense.

Richard Fauguet's practice is so diversified that he can as well paint underwears on lasagne or cover walls with adhesive paper. All the works are characterized by their diversity in terms of supports, techniques or subjects. But the aim is not to use the catalogue of all strange supports, vision alteration seems here to be determinant. The serie of Burnt Sheets (Draps Brules) reveals the spectral nature of Fauguet's work: like the back of a stage set, a missing part, a space of revelations. The characters represented on the large burnt sheets (relatives, heroes..) are reduced to negatives, have become ghost of themselves, enigmatic icons due to the medium itself (fire) used to make them appearing.

Bernhard Martin's wall installations and paintings assert the juxtaposition of various medium and techniques (hyper realism, brush strokes, color fields, abstract, background, spray...), playing with the surface as well as with the object. The technical skill provided by the artist fractures the perspective of values in figurative painting, hence criticizes the perspective of values of the consumerist society and its relation with the human figure


In the New Space/ Show Room (second floor), works by:

Michel Blazy (France)

Florence Manlik (France)

Theodoros Raftopoulos (Greece)

Uri Tzaig (Israel, new video Allah Akbar, For the love of god)

Jason Karaindros (Greece)

Alain Sechas (France)

Erwin Wurm (Austria, new video Athens, 25.09.2000)