Dean Monogenis, Dream or Memory or Builded Stone*

09 February - 28 April 2012


Dean Monogenis's paintings depict environments merging urban, architectural constructions with natural, organic elements. He combines details of unfinished buildings, colored scaffoldings and condo structures in landscapes made of rock cliffs, vegetation, looming skies and colored abysses. He thus points out the constant state of change and transition, the challenge between nature and human perseverance in the perpetually in-progress urban landscape.


Each scene, like a still from a dreamy narrative with evocative titles, focuses on the idea of growth and transformation, conceptually as well as in the process of painting. Monogenis, working on wood panels, applies "paint in layers to build objects like buildings", also using the dialogue and the tension established between different painting techniques (stencil-applied graphics or free hand elements, glossy details and matte surfaces).


Profoundly marked by the catastrophic events of 9/11 and witness of the urban expansion and chaos that followed in his hometown Brooklyn (NY), Monogenis started focusing on buildings as living creatures. Through these "portraits", the artist questions the temporary and the ephemeral, exploring the beauty inherent in development and decay.


In this body of works, realized during the stay of the artist in Nisyros, nature and architecture are more closely related and integrated, in a positive interaction, without defying each other. "Nikia" portrays literally and emotionally his working and living situation, while works such as "Fault of Egress" or "Paxia" show how Monogenis has been influenced by the island's dramatic elevations and the Nysirian wind.


*The Crossing, Cormac Mccarthy, 1994

Dean Monogenis lives and works in New York.