curated by Ghislaine Dantan & Eleni Koukou


With this initiative, the National Theatre of Greece aims, for a second year, at bringing the theatrical audience into contact with the work of contemporary visual artists, in common view with its performances. This year Common View will be presented at the New Stage of the newly renovated Ziller Building and at the Rex Theatre. It includes installations, performances and videos, which all (but one) are new productions by the National Theatre of Greece. Participating artists: Loukia Alavanou, Savvas Christodoulides, William Kentridge, Eleni Kotsoni, Maro Michalakakou, Maria Papadimitriou, and Philippe Ramette.


New Stage Foyer - Ziller Building        

The films by William Kentridge, who is also renowned for his theatre projects, are fragmentary narratives that pose fundamental questions about the human condition. Journey to the Moon is a poetic work on our path through life and human nature.

Maria Papadimitriou, with her installation Nothing Happens, ventures to associate the site's historicity with today's tragic everyday life in the surrounding area. The immigrants' presence goes together with audio recordings of historical monologues by iconic figures of the theatre.

Philippe Ramette's sculptural installation Les Autres Mondes (The Other Worlds) consists of oversized fishhooks suspended over the audience and underwater photographs depicting the artist in paradoxical situations.


Rex Theatre

Loukia Alavanou's video The Other, A Fraud is projected onto the theatre's stage, a few minutes before the performance of The Diary of a Scoundrel. It is a composition of images, made up of feature and animated films, which play with the idea of the wrong marriage and the illusion of the perfect family union.

Savvas Christodoulides' installation Memory is Fate and Vice-Versa consists of a table on which two female figures are seated, in a composition that blends harmoniously with Rex's well-proportioned architecture. Through the same gesture, the women attempt to share the same place and time of memory.

Georgia Sagri's performance Yse Alone is related to the play The Break of Noon, the poetic love drama by the French poet, writer and diplomat Paul Claudel, which is performed at the National Theatre of Greece for the first time. The mysterious and charming Yse, while traveling with her husband on an ocean liner heading east, meets Mesa who marks her life. A power beyond control is driving Yse and Mesa to a conflict with themselves and the people around them, while living this fatal love.


Katina Paxinou Children's Theatre   

Eleni Kotsoni created, with the children's participation, the sculptural installation Kipu from recycled materials. The children experimented and constructed their own hidden messages, which gradually completed the installation in the two entrances of the Children's Theatre.

Maro Michalakakou, with her work I'm Afraid that Dina Will Miss Me Very Much Tonight, offers the children an experience that is closer to their play. One of the theatre's entrances is transformed into a tunnel-playground slide, in an effort to let children transport themselves to the realm of Alice in Wonderland with their imagination.


Georgia Sagri 

Yze Alone

Performance 18 - 19 - 20/02/2009, 6-8.30 pm

Rex Theatre, Upper Circle Foyer, free Entrance



22-24 Aghiou Konstantinou St. (Metro Omonoia).



48 Panepistimiou St. (Metro Panepistimio).



images credits:

1- flyer of the exhibition design by mnp, athens

2- view of Loukia Alavanou's video the Other, A Fraud on the theatre stage (photo Panos Kokkinias)

3- view of Savvas Christodoulidis installation Memory is Fate and Vice-Versa in the Rex theatre lobby (photo Panos Kokkinias)

4- Philippe Ramette, from the series Rational exploration of the undersea, 2006
Color Photograph, 150 x 120 cm, courtesy Xippas Gallery, Paris

5-6-7- Georgia Sagri, views of the performance Yze, Alone at the Rex Theatre upper lobby (photo Panos Kokkinias)