Common view is a program of contemporary art exhibitions and events initiated by the National Theater of Greece's director, Iannis Houvardas in 2007.

Taking place in the various venues of the National Theater, the program focuses on the relationships between theater and visual arts, their interactions and influences.

Since the early 20th century, experimentations and historic movements from Dada, Futurism, Fluxus until the happenings in the 60's, emblematic figures such as Antonin Artaud and Samuel beckett, contributed to blurr the boundaries of the classic opposition between spatial and temporal arts.

A wide range of practices from poetry, dance and music have been embodied and combined, changing and developing new conditions of perceptions.

The multidisciplinary program aims to echo the emotional variety of the repertory of the National Theater through its repertory itself, its spaces and the relation theater/visual arts in a generic sense.

Using video and sound installations, sculpture, site-specific projects by internationally established artists as well as local artists.

Common View invites to experience, to explore the relations between the performative and visual arts, and to reflect on the place of the subject and viewer nowadays.


images credits:

1-2-3 Flyers of the Common View program, designed by

4- Elmgreen & Dragset, Drama Queen, 2007, video still

5- Erwin Wurm, One Minute sculptures, videos 1991-1999, view of the installation in the Rex Theatre lobby

6- Dimitra Vamiali, A land like no Other Part A, installation view at the Contemporary Theatre lobby (photo Panos Kokkinias)

7- Yorgos Sapountzis, After Electricity: The Festival, view of the participative performance (photo Panos Kokkinias)

8- Mary Konti, Maiden and Rex, view of the installation in the Rex Theatre lobby (photo Panos Kokkinias)

9- Jonas Dahlberg, Three Rooms, 2008 video still

10- DeAnna Magania, Inside Rex, view of the installation in the Rex Theatre upper lobby (photo Panos Kokkinias)